Gorgeous Feature Model Hanna Ferraez for Spec-D Tuning at Spring Show Off 2 2016 @hannaferraez

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Hanna Ferraez, a rocketing star, showed up at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2 2016 show.  Hanna was at the Spec-D Tuning during last year's SEMA (2015) car show and made a huge impression on the national and international stage.

Here in her original SEMA uniform, quite unintentionally, she showed us again the glorious and glamours self at the home company event.  The black front and red side stripes totally accentuate this beautiful model in every way.

Through out the the show, Hanna gave us ample opportunities to take pictures of her with varying cars and styles.  Not only she generated great photos for us, she also created a storm around her that many cameras were joggling for a good position to shoot.

At the same time, Hanna was very generous and welcomed anyone who would like to take a selfie with her.  She was so approachable and wanted to make sure that everyone has their very good selfie with her.  This warm hearted interaction has won her over many people and left them drunk in her charm and beauty.

Hanna Ferraez 

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