Friendly And Sweet SEMA Model 2015 - Amy Youhas for Barret Jackson

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* / W&HM Staff
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Amy Youhas appeared in front of us when we stumbled upon the Barrett Jackson big display space at SEMA 2015, and we immediately took notice of her.  She looked so familiar, like we met her before or simply because she has a kind and friendly face that she can be your great friend at an instance.

Barrett Jackson Auction Company is a legend, both by its vast activities of collector's car auctions, as well as appearing in the TV shows that demonstrate their super fast actions in view.

Amy Youhas has that grace and hospitality at the show space, and inevitably, has attracted avid show photographers, as well as shy show attendees with a cell phone.  She's always so welcoming and put up beautiful smiles for anyone.  What a trooper and what an awesome model!!

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