Car And Model Highlight of Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2 @SpecDTuning

The Second Annual Event of The Famous Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off Car Show Hit Another Home Run At The Headquarter!

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The Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2 event is a great succession of the 2015 first event.  This proves that the first event was highly successful and there is a lot more room for the second event to happen.

Every weather forest people on TV was saying that it was going to rain on Saturday and it sure did look like at any time, there would be cats and dogs coming down soon when we drove to the City of Industry, Spec-D Tuning's HQ.  However, when we arrived, slices of bright sun light actually came out amid deep and heavy fluffy clouds in the sky.  It gave a very Spring like weather to the Spring Show Off 2 event venue.

 Right at the show, you would immediately get overwhelmed by the sheer number of cars as well as different types of vendor booths set up at the show.  Of course, they all meant a lot of people showed up for a cool weekend afternoon outing.

There were all types of different cars, but primarily the JDM modified taking a big portion of the show car population.  There were also luxury performance from Europe showed up and showed their strong support to the event.

If you would spend the whole show from 3pm to 7pm, you would probably really check out most of the cars, but definitely need a flash light to come with you.  There were some really special rides that showed their proud modifications and upgrades right after the winter hibernation period.  It's like the bamboo shoots coming out of the ground after a long snowy cold winter ground.  They are delicious!

Talking about delicious, the models that Spec-D Tuning hired are totally awesome!  We knew even before the event, because two of our cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth were at the helm of the raffle tickets front.  Together was also our feature model Hanna Ferraez in her beautiful SEMA uniform butterflying around cars and selling tickets as well as being a perfect self partner for many show attendees.

One of the marvelous presence of the show was the abundant and varying types of vendor booths.  Of course, you would see the staple usual, including the hosting Spec-D Tuning, Continental Tires, R1 Concept, World Wide Lancer Club, and others.  There were other types as well, like the popular hot pot chain, The Boiling Point, which is very unusual to the car scene.  However, one strange missing vendor type is the vaping companies.  Usually they are all over the map in a car show, and surprisingly this time, we did not find any of them or maybe just one.

Overall, this is a wonderful show that is creating a great tradition that could go on for many years.  The beginning of the car show season, and the community coming together, as well  as the new car first show off for media and car lovers to highlight and appreciate.

We have many more photos especially the show cars that we picked from the many many in the car crowd.  They are unique, attention arresting, and simply awesome.  We also have more awesome models' photos.  And all these will be posted here and in the WHEELS sections in the next few days!

Attending Show Cars at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2

More Models!

Jenna Lane for Continental Tire

 Renee for Spec-D Tuning

The DJ is Working Hard!

The Awards Are Unique and Shiny! 

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