BFF Model Duo Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth for Spec-D at Spring Show Off 2 2016 @arrrrlz

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Our sweet cover model duo, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers, are the best BFF model friends of all.  They are work together, they go photoshoot together, and they find opportunities together.

Here at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2 2016 event, we were so happy to see this model duo at action again!  With a sporty black midriff baring top and a flannel shirt wrap, they looked like they were ready to fix any cars at the show or in the warehouse!

Of course, whenever you have Arley, there bounds to have tons of fun!  Arley is the animated and creative model that would never settle for a dull moment.  If you point your camera at her, she would have a very cute response and leave you a wonderful memory of the moment.

Nicole the quiet storm, is the perfect complement to Arley being a fairy like angel, enjoying the moments and radiating with joyful smiles and bright positive vibes!

Nicole Marie Reckers

Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth

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