Awesome Model Zara Park for Import Face Off 2016 Fontana

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Zara showed up the first time at the Hot Import Nights (HIN) San Diego, the season opener.  She caused quite some attention because she was one of the tallest models at the show and her stylish look stood out like a beautiful spring flower.

Now we had the chance to meet Zara in person and captured her unique and refreshing beauty at the Import Face Off Fontana event this year.

Not only Zara has a fresh look, as this is only the second car show on her resume, she is also very easy to get alone with.  Her happy self and wonderful talents have prepared her to be a great model that we can see!

We sure can see that she will be in many car shows coming, as long as she enjoys them.  We are seeing a great star rising!  Keep up the good work Zara!

Car Show Model Queen Zara

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