Synergy MFG and Model Andrea Kepler - Awesome Combination of Off Road Aftermarket Company!

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This is the first time we met Andrea Kepler, at SEMA 2015, and needless to say, we were totally impressed.  The slender leggy and beautiful model in her bright white tie top and fit miniskirt and red shoes showed a great iconic patriotic color combination.

At the Synergy MFG booth, together with Andrea were the vast lines of Synergy carries either on display or fitted to demonstrate their applications on their show jeeps.

This major off-road aftermarket manufacturer and distributor brought their A-game to the show, and gave us a great opportunity to leaern more about their products and features.

Together it's a lethal combination that can stop any one on the track in the convention center floor.  And the color themes were simply eye catching and mind arresting!  We say they've done hella a great job at the SEMA show 2015 and definitely will find them again in 2016!

Andrea Kepler Professional Model

Synergy MFG SEMA 2015

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