Super Awesome Olivia Korte for Eagle Abrasive in SEMA 2015 @_oKo_ #SEMAMODEL

High Voltage Charming Cover Model Olivia Korte For Eagle Abrasives in SEMA 2015 

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Olivia Korte is always one of the brightest and professional models that we have encountered and covered in many many shows.

This time, Olivia joined the Eagle Abrasives at the SEMA 2015 show, and brought a huge traffic to the company booth and did great promotional autograph signing sessions.

Eagles Abrasives offer a wide range of top notch coated abrasive products that can be used in shops and various situations. This top quality company is perfect for our top cover model for a successful SEMA show!

Olivia Korte, W&HM Cover Model for Eagle Abrasives

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