Sultry Ria Santos Model for JDM Sport at SEMA 2015 @JDMSport

Ria Santos, a JDM Sport Girl, Sparkles at SEMA 2015 / W&HM Staff
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This is the first time we met Ria Santos.  We were impressed.  Not only by this tall Asian and gorgeous look model, she has a quiet quality that could burst out laughter at any moment.  She is definitely a perfect model for the car show world, especially the import car show world!

Las Vegas based, Ria Santos has grown to be a wonderful model in the region and gaining lots of notice in the southern Cal as well.

During the SEMA 2015 show, Ria Santos were as the JDM Sport girl.  This SEMA model definitely created a grand presence at the booth.  We sure would love to see her again in more car shows here!

Ria Santos Model at JDM Sport

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