Sultry HIN Models Alona Cherie and Alyssa Boulton as the Boulton Girls in Los Angeles 2015 @hotimportnights

Alyssa Cherie in black mini dress as the  Boulton Girls at HIN LA 2015
Alyssa Cherie as the
Boulton Girls at HIN
LA 2015

The Boulton Sisters Debuted at HIN Los Angeles 2015 And Made Huge Impressions / W&HM Staff

At the highly festive and cool hang out event, Hot Import Nights (HIN) car show Los Angeles Location, in 2015, many big stars made their appearances, as well as many new stars emerging from the scene.

The Boulton sisters, came all the way from the other side of Los Angeles, and showed up with full intention to make a strong impact, and sure they did.
Alona Boulton in see-through chiffon dress as the Boulton Girls at HIN LA 2015
Alona Boulton as the
Boulton Girls at HIN
LA 2015
Right off the bat, the exotic looks of these petite sisters already showed their confident presences, and stood tall on their modeling.

Then the cars that they picked and the looks that they sent to the photographers, were simply right on the spot.  Especially those killer eyes and slender legs would simply disarm any hesitations to take a picture of them.

We sure will see a lot more of them in the future, and it would be a wonderful addition to the car show scene certainly!

Alyssa Boulton 

Alona Cherie / Alona Boulton

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