Stunning Janey B for Mishimoto in SEMA 2015 @hello_janey

Awesome Import Mode Janey B by The Mishimoto Tank in SEMA 2015 / W&HM Staff
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One of the shocking presentation at the SEMA 2015 show is a military tank on display by Mishimoto.  However, the stunning part is their model, Janey B, who has been a great car show and event model back in our SEMA show coverage a few years back.

Janey B is such a great model that her entry to the car show world was immediate noticed.  She possesses a top star model quality that would place her in any top of the shows at anywhere.  She did a Superstreet pictorial and needless to say she's stunning all around.

It's great to see this awesome model again and definitely look forward to seeing her again soon!

Janey B

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