Leggy Gabrielle Romanello SEMA Model 2015 - Pinnacle wheels @Playboygabs

Leggy and Fun Pinnacle Wheels Model, Gabrielle Romanello at SEMA 2015 

wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff
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The gorgeous SEMA model Gabrielle Romanello is a smart and wonderful model. When we entered the Performance Pavillion Tent of SEMA 2015, we noticed a big crowd around the Pinnacle Wheels booth.  When we edged our way in and check out what's happening, as any reporter would do, we found that Gabrielle Romanello is mastering the performance of mesmerizing the crowd with her promotional persona.

They went wild!  They could not have enough photos of her and can't peel themselves away from her either.  Gabrielle Romanello was simply awesome!

Gabrielle is also highly professional as well.  Even before the SEMA show started, she contacted us and informed us that she will have her appearance at the Pinnacle booth and ensured us to visit her.  We happily obliged and were totally glad that we did too.

We were so impressed with Gabrielle Romanello and hope that we will see her a lot more on the left coast!

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