Kayla Perez and Lizzeth Acosta Hosted the FondMetal Wheels Booth in SEMA 2015 @fondmetalusa @kperez01

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FondMetal is a grand daddy wheel house that has more than 45 years of history in their bag.  They have revolutionized some of the wheel designs and manufacturing processes that brought new technologies and performances to satisfy even more demanding needs.

At the SEMA 2015, FondMetal brought their super cool top performance cars, and together with these unattainable beasts, were the beautiful models, Kayla Perez and Lizzeth Acosta.

Despite it was a parka-required cold weather, both Kayla and Lizzeth simply toughed it out and gave us an easy breezy spring like pictures that showed just how professional they are!

Kayla Perez, Model 

Lizzeth Acosta

Kayla Perez and Lizzeth Acosta for FondMetal Wheels

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