Hot Import Nights HIN Import Models 2016 Coverage 1/2 byCarlos Toledo @hotimportnights @_carlostoledo_

Hot Import Nights HIN Import Models Abundant in The Del Mar / San Diego 2016 Season Opening Show

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At the 2016 season opener show at Del Mar Fairgrounds, Hot Import Nights again brought many + many models to the show to amp up the dazzling arrays of cars and models.

Our feature models, including Monika Cozlin and Charise Jeanine, both appeared to be cute and cool!  Also together with other import models, the whole model lounge was busy with lots of activities and fun!

This time, our new contributing photographer Carlos Toledo has captured many of the models at the show, and most of them are new to us, most like new to the industry as well.  We are always happy to see the familiar faces like our feature models, and Danielle Lo, Ela Pasion, and more!

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