High Fashion Model Corrie for VDO in SEMA 2015

The Tall Blonde and Beautiful Model Corrie for VDO in SEMA 2015

wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff
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We had a wonderful chance to work with a highly sought after model in Las Vegas during our coverage of SEMA show.

Corrie from American Model Management, here for VDO, is a tall, like really tall, blond and very blond, beautiful like gorgeous, fashion / lifestyle / promotional /creative model resident in Las Vegas.

The shoot that we did after the show was a high impact one.  Through working with this gorgeous and awesome model, we learned that she has a great taste of aesthetics of black and white, and dramatic shots.  This is exactly what we like to do as well.  It's a match made in Las Vegas!

VDO produces some of the high end and retro dials and gauges for the retro / hot rod / custom dashboard and many other products and services.  The innovative technology gave them both the digital and analog styles of the appearances, but they are always classic and non-mistakably American.  We totally applaud their consistent design philosophy and great products throughout the years!

Corrie at VDO

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