Caitlin Wood and Emelina Adams Brought Out The Best of Center Line Forged Wheels at SEMA 2015 @centerlinewheel @caitlin_baby5

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At the Center Line Forged Wheels Booth in SEMA 2015, Caitlin Wood, the blonde, and Emelina Adams, the brunette has attracted many SEMA show attendees to the big booth.

The model duo withstood the bitter cold Vegas winter winds, and still gave us a perfect professional model smiles and poses, that we could bring these beautiful images back to you all.

Center Line Forged Wheels is always a forefront wheel design and production house.  They are the legendary father figure in the wheels industry and are a few that still make things in the US in this industry.

Caitlin Wood, Professional Model

Emelina Adams, Professional Model

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