Beautiful Erica Juliet for Savini Wheels at SEMA 2015 @EricaJulietXO

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Erica Juliet is a vivacious person who has a lot of star power and show-person charisma.  At the SEMA 2015 show, she represented the big wheel house, Savini, for their exuberant wheel lines.

Each time we pointed our camera to Erica, she would give us 110% of her star power, and we were totally mesmerized and could not stop taking pictures of her.

At the Savini booth, they had a big display of their signature lines of wheels, as well as the new off-road lifestyle products, Grid wheels.

The combination of the wheels and Erica's presence was a perfect match and one of the most memorable moments in the SEMA 2015 show.

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