Awesome Feature Model Dennii for Loud Mouth Exhuast in SEMA 2015 @denniib

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Our feature model Dennii is even though petite, her star power is immense, and her popularity is sky high.  If you have been in the SEMA 2015, the Loud Mouth Exhaust booth, then you would see that in evidence.

Luckily, we were dutifully there and brought you back the proofs that Dennii is simply amazing!  At the Loud Mouth show booth, Dennii was the main promotional personality at the space, in the traffic critical path of Central Hall.

She totally dominated the traffic and created waves and waves of people wanting to come and meet with her and have some give-away souvenirs from Loud Mouth.

The effects caused a big crowd at the Central Hall, which is perfect for the promotional goal.  Dennii certainly has done her great job.  And she still managed to take seconds to give us some photo ops during her busy sessions of signing posters and giving away freebies.

We will definitely see Dennii in many other shows for sure and hopefully in our feature again!

W&HM Feature Model Dennii

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