American Model Management Models Rocked at SEMA 2015

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To be a model in SEMA shows, it requires certain level of standards and is a highly sought after resume item for promotional personalities.  The nation's largest car show attracts people all around the world to come under the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center, across multiple halls and outside display spaces.  The sheer number of vendors in the show is simply staggering. To say the least, everyone is competing for a slice of attentions of the huge crowds sloshing around the show floors and multiple floors.

Every vendor who wants to have an additional visual stop signs for their booth, would consider hiring a promotional model or models for their booth display.  However, the models are abundant especially in Las Vegas, but the seats are limited.  The large supply and scarce demand have created a strong best-of-the-best choices for the true professionals.

American Model Management, who we have worked together multiple times in the past, has brought their models to the show and demonstrated their prowess and presences in promotional modeling staffing.

Besides the ultra cool models that we have covered including our feature model Christy Rios for General Tire, we have found three more, including their new model, Brielle, and our feature model Karen, as well as Julienne Deleon here...

Brielle, for Advanti Racing Wheels

Julienne Deleon for Nitto Tires

Karen for Landsail 

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