Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 3 @offroadexpo

More Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Coverage - Part 3 of Talent Individual Introduction

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
Continue from the long and awesome line up of the Miss Off Road 2015 Beauty Contest.

From the individual talent parading on the stage, we learned that personality has played a big factor to the success of beauty pageantry.  Many models with beautiful faces and lovely bodies on the stage, had very different strategies and comfort zones with the visual publicity.  Some showed their passion of modeling and some showed their novice freshness.  In the end, after we saw the winners of the contest, the ones with confidence, grace, open personality, and overall comfortable takes on the stage got the crowns at the end of the day.  Our hats off to those showed off their true personalities, and more dips to those really shined and excelled!!

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