#WWWH Photographer Highlight Clinton Lum - Our Sage Contributing Photographer @calibre68

Highlight of Our Sage Contributing Photographer Clinton Lum in Cars and Models

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are very happy to have the opportunity to highlight our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum here in the WWWH / World Wide Wheels and Heels section.

Clinton has been the very first inspiration for our magazine to come to life in the first place.  The pristine coverage of various car shows and promo models on his Flickr photo stream, has opened a brand new door for us.  Over the years, Clinton has been a central figure in event coverage across car shows, motorsports events, manufacturers' open houses, model expos, as well as fashion shows and other lifestyle shows and events.

Here we have a chance to see hear from his story and see more of his private work.  And by this opportunity, we want to thank him for his amazing work and inspirational professionalism that have inspired not just us but many other friends in the industry!  Let's pay our tribute to him!  Hip hip hooray!!  Hip hip hooray!!

The article is in the picture above or follow the below link:



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