tons of photos of our cover model jessiac weaver and brittani paige for r1-concpets in 2015 formula drift long beach @jessicakes33 @missbrittainipage

 Our Stunning and Very Popular Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts in 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach

Long Beach, CA / W&HM Staff
You can always count on R1-Concepts to bring in top models in the import modeling world.  This time, at the 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach, our beautiful cover models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Page showed up and wow'd the crowd of the Formula Drift.

 Jessica and Brittani are both so much fun and so easy to shoot with at the show.  Their photos are simply breathtaking.  No wonder they are usually the crowd's top choices, easily, hands down.  There are a lot of great things happening to Jessica as we chatted at the show, and we could not be more happy for her!

Brittani has just completed a long (effort-wise, but not time-wise) trip from Florida.  The non-stop and jam-packed schedule has her really worked her whole time while she was there, photo shoot, event, photo shoot, event, and more photo shoot. Despite the little sleep that she had at the day. Brittani still gave everyone striking photos to bring home or office!

We alway shave high respect to these two amazing ladies!  Now go for the full article to check out tons of photos of Jessica and Brittani that we took of them at the R1-Concepts booth in 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach!

Jessica Weaver

Brittani Paige


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