Gorgeous Cambria Joy Mansfield for JDM Sport Cerwin Vega Diamond in 2015 HIN SD @cambria_joy @hotimportnights

Stunning Blonde Model Cambria Joy Mansfield The Hidden But Shinning Gem of 2015 HIN  Del Mar San Diego 

Del Mar, CA / W&HM Staff
At the 2015 Hot Import Nights HIN Del Mar San Diego car show, all the attention was paid at the main exhibit hall, O'Brien Hall, where the model lounge was at.  However, inside the sibling hall next to it, there was another giant car show area, we found Cambria Joy Mansfield for JDM Sport, Cerwin Vega, and Diamond Sound booth.

Just mere the first look at this blond beauty, no one can turn away at least for many seconds from her, admiring her beautiful flowy blond hair, big smiling eyes, impeccable figure and slender long legs.  Whenever she gave a pose, it's always a professional spot-on move, with a hint of innocence, and lots of sensuality.  Her gaze to the camera, would create an imprint not just on the memory chip, but also a forever inside your head, and long lasting than the major bubblegum can claim.

But most of all, Cambria is an awesome model who has super interpersonal skills.  She can make anyone feel like they are her great friends, and she does not put up any distance or air whenever anyone wanted to take a picture of her or with her.  Cambria Joy Mansfield definitely is a great celebrity in the 2015 HIN SD show!  We definitely look forward to seeing her in the future events!!

Cambria Joy Mansfield

Cerwin Vega, Diamond Sound, JDM Sport

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