Drea Lynn, Mimi Le, Lila Vy Alluring Import Models at 2015 HIN SD @hotimportnights

Drea Lynn in black top and denim shorts in 2015 Hot Import Nights San Diego

 Import Models Drea Lynn, Mimi Le, and Lila Vy Different Styles of Sexiness at 2015 HIN SD Model Lounge

Del Mar, CA / W&HM Staff
Here at the 2015 HIN Hot Import Nights San Diego car show, the model lounge was filled with many import models from table to table.  It is a basic art of courtship to some degree, and it's a great show of individual personality and show-woman-ship.
Mimi Le in black top and denim shorts in 2015 Hot Import Nights San Diego
Among the import models, here we have three cool models, Drea Lynn, Lila Vy, and Mimi Le.  These cute models demonstrated three different types of sexiness and definitely have many of their followers and new fans enjoying the brief moments and photos ops with these beautiful ladies.

We also noticed that the standard prevailing uniform of import models seems to be a black top and a denim shorts, plus a pair of heels or wedges.  We don't know why this trend started, or how it started, however, we do think that there are a lot more imagination space for such occasion.  This is one of the best time, with the full make up done, hair stylized, and physique in the best shape, to shine with gorgeous wardrobe, or adoring accessories.  We know it's not a fashion show, but then, it could be a fashion car show.  We are sure that models have multiple changes throughout the show, and on the other hand, show us your best adorning presence too and make us wow or a photo of forever memory.

Drea Lynn

Drea Lynn is such a cute and petite import model that she would immediately conjure an image of a lovely little bird in your hand and all you want to do is to care for her gently.  Her bright smile, and innocent eyes, would simply make your day's spirit higher without any effort.  Her intricate WIP inks on her body parts, show a rebellious side of this cute model!

Lila Vy

We've only met Lila Vy at this HIN SD 2015 show, if our internal relational database is correct.  However, the energy and the sparks that this passionate import model struck us immediately, jolting our camera shutter and flash bulbs.  Lila's high voltage personality in both action and static looks, is totally a media darling and she did it very well!  We definitely see a star in the import modeling world that is shooting through the sky, impressing everyone gazing on her trajectory.  We sure hope to see more of her in the future and witness her stardom to come!
Lila Vy in black chiffon top and denim shorts in 2015 Hot Import Nights San Diego

Mimi Le

We've met Mimi Le many times in many car shows.  This beautiful Bay-area import model always brings her nor-cal cultural spirit with her. Whenever we aim our camera at her, she has that lyrical and elegant poses for us that is closer to the fashion looks that we appreciate.  With her northern cal root, she has that wisdom in her eyes, and connection without speaking type of allure, as well as a natural no-tattoo body that is purely a refreshing delight in the crowded industry.

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