Cover Model Arley Elizabeth and Miranda Hayes for Achilles, Plus Rockstar Energy Model at 2015 Formual Drift Long Beach @arrrrly

 Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Arley Elizabeth for Achilles Tires and Umbrella Girl Friend Miranda Hayes

Long Beach, CA / W&HM Staff
Our cover model Arley Elizabeth is back with Achilles Tires as their official umbrella girl again!  We are so happy for her, because Achilles Tires is an awesome team, both their drivers as well as their crew and teams, and of course their umbrella girl!  Arley definitely had her share of champaign poured on her when Achilles driver won their races and celebrated at the podium.  This time at the 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach, Arley has a new friend, Miranda Hayes, as her newest experience as a model.  Both of them looked awesome under the Achilles umbrellas, and we sure hope that they will get champaign shower again this y ear, as Achilles have really good teamwork here!

We got a couple of really quick glimpses of the Rockstar Energy Umbrella Girls here.  The photo opportunity is like a nano second so we managed the photos but did not get the name for you.  Hopefully we will be able to find out in the future and bring her back to our coverage.

Rockstar Energy models are always so stunning and ravishing.  The pure glamour radiated from them is simply irresistible and totally photogenic!  It's definitely a resume item to be a Rockstar Energy Model!

Cover Model Arley Elizabeth for Achilles Tires

Miranda Hayes

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