Year End Whopping 80+ HIN Model Photos From Honolulu HIN Show 2014 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Honolulu, HI / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - You might not be able to travel to the relaxing, green, paradise-like island state of Hawaii to see many refreshing, hot, and alluring import models in HIN Honolulu.  No worries, we bring them back to you, via photo memories by our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum!

There are so many of them and we want to give everybody a chance of exposure.  We broke them up into three parts.  Part 1 is the highlight, which was posted here.  This is the part 2 of the coverage.  The part 3 will come to cover the stage fashion and bikini fashion show (don't miss that!)

There are so many cute and cool models that we are not familiar with, which is really awesome!  We do sincerely hope that they will fly over the ocean and come to the big land here and meet their new fans!  In this coverage, we have many models including Monique May, Crystal Mendez, Alex Reininger, Madeline Arnold, Kristen Fujinaga, Lila Vy, Minnie Michelle, Jenni Tran, Cina Luks, Jojo DelaCruz, Omara Grey, Donah Pham, Sierra Rene, Steph Snyder, Gina Darling, Lauren Lala, Morning Star, and Akemi Suzuki.  How many would you be able to identify in this coverage?  The answers of these models' names are at the bottom of this article...  Good luck!

Besides them, there are of course many familiar faces as well, like Big Abe, Lilly Evans, Nelly Chavez, Jenna Lane, Brittani Paige, Kay Bae!

It was definitely a great event!  And we look forward to seeing them again next year!!

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The answers of these awesome models' names are...
Monique May

Crystal Mendez

Alex Reininger

Madeline Arnold

Kristen Fujinaga

Lila Vy

Minnie Michelle

Jenni Tran

Cina Luks

Jojo DelaCruz

Omara Grey

Donah Pham

Sierra Rene

Steph Snyder

Gina Darling

Lauren Lala

Morning Star

Akemi Suzuki
NOTE: we did our best to correctly identify the model's name.  If there are mistakes, please definitely let us know by comment below.  Thanks!

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

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