New Faces at Kuya Model Expo, Jessica Vien, Jessica Wong / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - At the Kuya Model Expo model lounge area, it was a perfect depiction of the new era of import modeling.  Gone are the days where models were in ultra provocative swimsuits, or showcasing their best T&A's or re-enacting nose-bleeding performances.  They gave the label "import model" a very specific stigma, being good or bad, depending if you are in or outside the circle.

However, things changed over time, themes become more sophisticated, personality matters, and cross-overs are more frequent, and the number of followers is the creds.  More and more, various disciplines of models joined the force, they brought in fresh talents, more aesthetically driven, and more focused on their social media kingdoms.  It's more a fashion parade than the gone-day "import model" meet.

Back to the Kuya Model Expo, we met up many great familiar models as well as new faces.  We definitely have not met Jessica Vien (above) and Jessica Wong, before, but they were so comfortable and relaxed and fun and popular just like they have been in the scene for a good time already.  They were refreshing, eager to photo ops, and lots of fun!  From this big bang moment of their import modeling, with an extended trajectory projection, we can see they will become greatly popular in the future!

Jessica Vien

Jessica Wong

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