Ela Pasion Top Model Back With a Big Smile! at #KuyaModelExpo @MissElaPasion

 www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - Ela Pasion has been the top import model for several years, until a year long hiatus from the car show scene.  Many were wondering if she would ever come back.  This time, Kuya Model Expo has done it great, housing Ela back to the car shows world, quenching the thirsts of many Ela fans around the globe.

Ela has that unspoken beauty charm emitting through her eyes, her smiles, and her quiet but powerful presence.  Wherever and whenever she shows up, there bound to be many cameras and non stop flashes around  her.  Even though we missed her for a long 2013, she looks even better and refined than before!

During the Kuya Model Expo R1 Concepts Holiday Edition, Ela was in a stunning red dress, which made her even more stood out among the sea of models and photographers and fans.  We can tell that she never lost her fans, but even more, gaining more attention from them with her absence in shows and events, and strengthened their bonds with her.  We sure would love to see her a lot more in 2015.  If that happens, we will bring her to you with our top quality photo-coverage!

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  1. ilovemisselapasionSaturday, 07 August, 2021

    I love ElaPasion) she's 1 of a kind in my eyes


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