Cool East Coast Car Models Showed Up at Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition! / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - We often get great talents from all over the country in most of the so-Cal car shows and car meets. However, they are mostly along the Pacific coast line from Seattle down to San Diego, with major contribution from Las Vegas as well.  Rarely we see the east coast beauties that would come to the wild wild west coast.  Besides the traveling costs, there are also fan base construction effectiveness as well.  But risks come with opportunities too, as shown in this year's Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition.

Hannah Sell (above) and Emkay Vee (below) are the two outstanding east coast models that graced the sunny hot land of Los Angeles.  Their presence breathed new air of Atlantic sophistication to the casual Pacific style.  They totally won our hearts and clicks and flashes.  We definitely look forward to seeing them more often in the 2015 year in the car show circuits!

Emkay Vee

We have met Emkay Vee long time ago and several times too, but not in the in-person sense.  Our guest contributor Eduardo Suarez has captured this awesome model in several occasions, showing her modeling talents and her hosting charm.  One of the photos has made the lead coverage photo of the Turner Evolution show in Philadelphia, in both print and web.  She is a very + very cool model, which is an understatement already!  Great job Emkay!!

Hannah Sell

Hannah Sell came from North Carolina with her very beautiful southern belle beauty.  Her exquisiteness features and warm hospitality persona were beyond charming and definitely had the expo show attendees, the media folks, and most definitely us swooned for the photo ops with her.  When we asked her about the impression on Los Angeles, she said that she would love to move here.  Without thinking, we said that she definitely should!  We are sure that all of us would agree on that!  She loves the gentle weather here in LA, after we brought up the brutal winter on the other coast.  She talked about the relaxing atmosphere around people here, and we could not agree more.  We do hope that we will see her more in future car shows and events in southern California!

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