Best of SEMA Models 2014 Series #3: Olivia Korte for ESM Wheels and Brie Williams for Vision Wheel and Becca Trimmell for Scion

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff -  In this Christmas Eve day, as a national holiday tomorrow in the US, it's full of uplifting spirit in the air.  It's a perfect match to our cover model Olivia Korte here for the ESM Wheels company.  Also we caught up with Brie Williams, our cover model, here for the Vision Wheel. She was awesome signing our calendar 2014/2015 Summer Edition too!  Together with these two gorgeous cover models, we have Becca Trimmell at the Scion booth.  If Black Friday is good, this article is a good Black Christmas Eve day!

 Olivia Korte

Our amazing cover model is such a uplifting and high-spirited model, that it's always a great pleasure to see her at various shows, and becomes our mission in every event she attends.  If you have met her before at a show, you would definitely be dazzled by her sparkling eyes, and beautiful smiles, and awesome personality.  Her cheery aura always strikes us like spring flowers, like summer breeze, like fall foliage, like winter... Christmas!  A perfect and very fitting feature of her in this wonderful day ahead of the holiday!

 Brie Williams

Brie is doing amazing and has been busy going to different places.  We finally got a chance to see her at the SEMA Show, and she was busssssy!  Her posters with Vision Wheel was handed out like hot cakes from Chinese bakeries.  The line was never short, and her hands would never stop.  Popular!!  At least we got a chance to pull her aside so she could sign our calendar (more autographs...)  Totally awesome!

 Becca Trimmell

Becca Trimmell is amazing, the first sight of her in our camera viewfinder.  Her stunning blonde look just totally stopped us from the track.  The more stunning thing is that she is such a friendly model that we immediately became her best friend!  Magic!  Becca is such a wonderful person that not only she looks amazing, she is also very sociable, and gave us these great photos to bring to you here!  It's such a shame that she is so far away from us.  Otherwise, she would definitely be in our magazine!  Well, new year is coming and that means new hopes, right?  Let's get Becca here, okay?

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