Best of SEMA Models 2014 Seires #4 - Brittani Paige and Falken Tire Models @msbrittanipaige

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - Continuing our Best of Series of SEMA Models 2014, we have the top model, Brittani Paige.  She is the staple model of R1 Concepts and a wildly popular model both in person and in the virtual world.

Also, we here see the team of Falken Tires models, at the SEMA South Hall prime spot, welcoming every incoming show attendees with their bright smiles, and elegant presences.  And of course, the autographed posters by these beautiful models were the cherries on the top for this great spot of the show!

Brittani Paige 

If you have been to car shows (not auto shows), but have not  heard about Brittani Paige, then you are missing out big time.  Brittani is a very popular model in the car show and import world.  She travels a lot, from shows to shows, from coast to coast, from ocean to ocean and mid-ocean too.

Brittani is especially famous with her constant candid moments with cameras, with her fans, with her friends, or with whatever she is holding...  She is such an "interactive" model that is not just sitting pretty, although she sits really pretty too.  She thrives on the non-mundane, non-boring, non-formula-posing, non-just-smile-and-wave spurs of spirits.  This has earned Brittani a tremendous followings of adoring fans and is definitely a media darling.

If you are going to the next car show, then definitely check out her appearance if present, and ask a selfie with her.  It will be one of your best selfies with celebrity for sure!

Here together with another awesome model Lilly Evans

Falken Tires Models

Falken Tires has a strong team of awesome models.  We have met them since the early days of our magazine's starting.  The amazing models of the team are truly legendary with their presence at all the major shows.  At the 2014 SEMA, as all the appearances of Falken Tires, they are at the forefront of the South Hall, the most model-populated hall, greeting the avalanche of show goers and media scouts.  They always look so elegant that uplift the brand to the high level ground to fit its corporate image.  Great job they have done this year, as well as every year!  We look forward to seeing them more in the upcoming years!

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