Beautiful Wenlin Yeh and Models at 2014 HIN Los Angeles

Wenlin and Other Stunning Models at 2014 HIN Los Angeles

 San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 HIN Los Angeles car show, we encountered quite a few stunning true "Wheels and Heels" photo opportunities that really heated up the scene.  It totally reminded us about the Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift, garage scene, just in the American version, at the outdoor, and different types of models and attires.  Obviously this is much more "California" style than the cute Japanese school girl uniforms or J-Pop blings.

We saw Wenlin Yeh, the very beautiful model at the show.  She was right by a super cool bike, which made her looked even more sporty amazing!  Then there were models that we did not recognize but equally hot and awesome!  Definitely check out the full article to find more stunning photos of them!

Wenlin Yeh

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