Beautiful Sandra Wong for ARK Performance at #SEMA2014 @thesandrawong #sandrawong / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - Sandra Wong is an awesome model, an amazing person, a great friend, and very smart contributing adviser to our magazine.  During the 2014 SEMA mega show, Sandra is a bright star at the South Hall upper level, and she made the ARK Performance a must stop for any SEMA promotional modeling coverage for the show.

This also demonstrates the power of high promotional modeling.  Because we know Sandra well, so we tried to find her and ARK during our first day coverage of the show.  However, with the vast show floor plans across various halls, it's not an easy task at all.  Coming right from the Media Center in the Central Hall, we had to navigate through the maze of many vendors and their signs across the hall.  There were so many booths and attractions, we felt like we were at the IKEA showroom compounded with many football fields space to cover just based on our north-south orientation instinct.  At least the SEMA mobile app helped tremendously by telling us the absolute location of our target, but we still need to find the path to it.

After wading through numerous hurdles, and escalators, and ups and downs, we finally arrived at the ARK Performance booth. We immediately saw Sandra and Breezy at the front podium, signing their posters away.  That's about 5pm already, close to the closing time.  However, our journalistic stamina did not fail us...

Sandra quickly came out and gave us a great hug, which totally relieved our worry of not getting any coverage of her on the first day.  Sandra is such a wonderful person!  She immediately gave us some time and space for the photo op and we definitely accomplished a key mission of the day!

During the photo op we conducted, we certainly inspired many others to come out of the shell and start taking photos of this beautiful model.  She managed the multi-cameras-tasking gracefully and gave everyone a fair chance for their camera time.  That's what we called the professional!

The poster of Sandra and Breezy was a very popular item during the show, and they were constantly busy signing and giving selfie shots to their fans either existing or newly forged.  There never seemed to be a dull moment or down time for the busy models, except the much deserved breaks for their lunches and feet.

We always look forward to meeting with Sandra again in any future events.  We also believe that 2015 may be a great year that Sandra could help us tremendously in transforming to a new level of this publication.  We totally and wholeheartedly appreciate Sandra's contribution, her presence for us, and being such a positive role model for many of her peers either in the promotional industry or in her professional life!

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