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Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM - Savini Wheels is known for hiring the top models to represent their top quality products and bold brand image.  At the 2014 SEMA show, we were very happy to see Constance Nunes again, as well as the legendary Jeri Lee, and our new friend Elise Detris.  They made the Savini Wheels a hot real estate that many people frequented and TV camera shined their lights on.  Combined with Prestige Marketing's super cool cars, it's just a one special spot at the highly competitive South Hall in SEMA!  Great job all!

Constance Nunes

The high-in-demand fashion and Sports Illustrated model, Constance Nunes, is getting lots of attention even when she was not particularly looking your way, or just by standing there. This gifted model can throw a glance that is just as frame-worthy as any work done by master painting master Bouguereau, or master illustrator Gil Elvgren.

At the 2014 SEMA show, Constance at the Savini booth signing away the poster that we produced for Savini with her and Elise in it.  The constant requests for the poster was simply incredible.  Now adding Constance's personal touch, it is even more sought after!

Elise Detris

Together with Constance, is a Seattle based awesome model Elise Detris.  Her sparkling eyes match her brigt personality and a perfect promotional model who can instantly make friends before her autograph signature is dry.  If you spend more than 5 min with her,  you would feel that you know her for a long time, and you can talk to her about anything.  She has that strong affinity to people!  We definitely look forward to seeing her again more in the future!

Jeri Lee

The legendary Jeri Lee!  Jeri always has that big presence in person even though she as a relatively petite physique.  It's because she is confident and skillful, two key ingredients of a great model and entrepreneur.  Jeri has been busy flying around earlier in the year.  We look forward to seeing her in more local shows in the upcoming new  year!

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