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November 7, 2014

Stunning and Rare Cars Showcased in 2014 #SEMA! (70 Pictures!) in the Cars Section

2Crave Wheels brought in a white 2015 BMW i8 to 2014 SEMA
2015 BMW i8 White with 2Crave wheels in the 2Crave Booth in 2014 SEMA
 Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - At the 2014 SEMA Show, parts are the name of the rules, but the cars are the name of the games, especially for the wheel companies and tire manufacturers.  They must bring something unique or something rare, or something extremely eye-catching, to best one and another.  We have a highlight coverage of the cars in 2014 SEMA in our cars section. Definitely check it out to sample some of the cool cars at the show!  Here is the link to the car highlights of 2014 SEMA.
Savini Wheels had a gorgeous Silver BMW with their wheels

Pirelli has a highly mod'd Bentley side by side with a red Royce Rolls

Toyo Tires' incredible showcase of their tires by lifting the truck and place it on a floor-to-wall display with high power video clips

3D printing your car? Yes!  Done! At 2014 SEMA

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