JDM Sport Awesome Girls! at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - JDM Sport has become bigger and bigger with their active marketing pursues and promotional directives.  They have sponsored Forrest Wang in the Formula Drift, who has been running strong and stronger through the competition seasons.

At the same time, Jasmyn Skye (below) also has brought the JDM Sport models with new faces and refreshing looks.  Wenlin Yeh (above) and Marissa Nicole (below below) were relatively new to our coverage but we have seen them in the past several times already.

Here we have many cool photos of these young ladies in the full article!

Jasmyn Skye

Jasmyn is the key person in making the JDM Sport Girls a staple presence in many shows, and in all the shows that we covered!!  We've known Jasmyn several years ago, and she always shows her warm personality and best hospitality!  In the last DUB Show Anaheim, under the severe heat of southern California, Jasmyn's bottle water has saved us from so-cal desert dehydration.  Jasmyn is totally awesome and super cool!

Jasmyn Skye for JDM Sport at 2014 Formula Drift holding a steering wheel

Marissa Nicole

We cannot say that we know Marissa enough to offer all a great description of this beautiful young lady.  However, we are sure that we will see her a lot in the future, so definitely stay tuned!

Marissa Nicole for JDM Sport at 2014 Formula Drift holding a JDM Sport steering wheel

Wenlin Yeh

We met Wenlin several times in this year's car show scene.  She always shows her bright and intelligent and beautiful eyes with awesome presence by JDM's cars.  She has that cute baby sister quality that you feel you could just kid with her, and share some jokes in a comfortable and light mood conversation.  That's awesome!

However, even more awesome is that she knows cars super well!  This year, she got Mitsubishi Eclipse 97, with a beautiful and matching color name, Jade.  That's super awesome!  Not only Wenlin is smart, is passionate, is pretty, she is also a passionate car lover and a totally wheels and heels girl!  Next time, when  you talk to her, also ask her about her cool Jade.  We are sure that she would be happy to tell you all the goodies and stories about her BFF!

Wenlin Yeh for JDM Sport at 2014 Formula Drift with black tanktop bare midriff and black shorts looking cool!

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