Big Finale of Model Coverage of 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - We have a big finale for the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale model coverage.  Here we saw a long-time-no-see model Vivian Nguyen!  She is totally the same as the last time that we saw her, only more beautiful and awesome!  We also met up the somewhat not too distance past who we met, Hayle Cyaga and the frequent car show attender, Jenn Q, for the SP Engineering.  Together with these cool ladies, were other models from various booths of the car show, including Scion Racing.We gathered many of them here to share with you in the full article!

Hayle Cayaga

Jenn Q

Vivian Nguyen


SR Resarch Researcher

RS * R Cool People

Model at Tuner Port

Model at Scion Racing

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