Stunning Janis True, Leggy Diamond Zaang, and Cool JDM Sport Girls at 2014 HIN LA

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 HIN LA show, we met many of our cover models.  Here we have Janis True, as well as Diamond Zaang, who have graced our covers in this year's issues.  Together with them, we also met up JDM Sport girls. who made an awesome appearance at the show!

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Janis True 

Janis is a great blossom in the import model world.  Her rise to the stardom has nothing but spectacular!  In this day of very connected age, one of the clear indicators that you are super popular is to look at the stats of her social media.  Janis has achieved 221K followers on her instagram, which for the majority of us, would only achieve that in the next life, or the next next life, or maybe never... We can only say hard work paid off big!  Great job Janis!!
Janis True at 2014 HIN LA San Pedro giving a peace sign

Diamond Zaang

Diamond, the leggy model, always has that sultry yet innocent look on her.  This 5'5" model is a professional shoe model and you can definitely tell that from the long and well shaped legs to start with.  A totally southern California local, Diamond has definitely won many hearts and camera moments in the import model industry.  We look forward to seeing her more and more in the future!  Check out her facebook page at

Diamond Zaang at 2014 HIN LA in tight denim shorts showing off her long legs

JDM Sport Girls

JDM Sport Nation always bring their cool models to many car shows across lots of geographical regions.  Over the years, through their consistent work, great marketing, and constant reach out to various venues of communication channels, they have achieved a great status in the import parts market.

Their JDM Sport girls are headed by the long time model Jasmyn Skye and always brings us a great array of great models.  At the 2014 HIN LA, we met up three new models that we have not officially met before.  They brought an element of freshness, as JDM Sport always do, to the car modeling industry.  Great job JDM Sport!

JDM Sport girls with Jasmyn Skye at 2014 HIN LA San Pedro in pleaded skirt

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