2014 HIN LA Models iClique @alainarae_xo @calirosemodel @rachy_rachh @missginatee

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM -

iClique Models

iClique has been in the import modeling industry for a long time.  They constantly promote new models as well as experienced names.  They bring great talents to the show to introduce to the wide crowd especially in the 2014 HIN LA car show.  Here we have Alaina Rae, Miss Gina Tee, Rachy Rachh, and Rose Tse.  It's a crowded show and the booth was crowded too!  Now let's find out more about them!

Alaina Rae

Alaina, even though we cannot find too much information about her, we were about to capture her instagram account @alainarae_xo, and learn that this girl has big dreams, and has a right edgy approach to the social life.  Very cool!  We will see her more for sure!
Alaina Rae at the 2014 HIN LA car show in a little black dress

Miss Gina Tee and Rachy Rachh

Gina Tee and Rachy Rachh were the dynamic duo at the booth.  We did not ge too much chance to take many photos of these two beauties.  We sure hope that they will show up more in the future, so that we can make up the loss this time!

Miss Gina Tee and Rachy Rachh at iClique lounge in 2014 HIN LA car show

Rose Tse

Rose is a vivacious model with a cascading waterfall blonde hair on her back.  She has that sweet smile and is not shy from our camera.  That proves this model has what it takes to be a great model, personality and interpersonal skills!  Great job!  Checking out her new official IG page, @calirosemodel you can tell that she is starting her page some thing to grow and grow!  We sure love to see more of her in the her IG!

Rose Tse import model at the iClique lounge in 2014 HIN LA car show

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