Huge Coverage of Models in 2014 #DUB Anaheim

 2014 DUB Show Anaheim Models at Angels Stadium

Anaheim, CA, by Py Pai - The models in 2014 DUB Show Anaheim were plenty and diverse.  The great mixture of ethnicity and genres is the beauty of DUB shows, where you could find the same attributes of cars and vendors as well.  Through such harmonious co-presences, this year's DUB Anaheim show is a great success and very well done job this year!!

At the show, everybody was talking about one thing first and foremost.  "HOT" is the key word, and "Really Hot" is the password to start a conversation with anyone.  It was 96F reported on the weather report, but it actually felt like 110F when you were at the show, and even like 120F when you see some of the stunning models there in person.  

It's so hot, that models had already given up powdering their face, people could not put on sunblocks any thicker, and the fruit punch vendors could not sell their icy cold drinks any faster.  Nonetheless, the heat did not render defeat on people.  The turn out was immense, and the fun never stopped.  Vendors were happy to see so many people showed up.  The hard works definitely paid off, handsomely, for many vendors.  It's a great show for everyone.  The economy is back!

As always, any DUB show is a combination of lifestyles and out-of-normal-people-lifestyle experiences.  When you enter the show lot, your senses were already under siege.  There were so many beautiful cars, indeed beautifully done.   You would immediately see rousing visuals of some top low riders, detailed with full, rich and dazzling colors, chrome, and true artworks.  

The luxury cars in the middle section definitely were a show of force and power and money.  When you see a RR Phantom being customized with big big big big wheels, going top-less, and fitted with immaculate accessories, you pay your respect in full.  Then there were super sized four wheelers and off road trucks, concluding the show with huge bangs of their enormity and presence attitudes.  Wheels with pointy spikes, utility accessories as decorations, functional tents with full month supplies inside, all the awesomeness of the great wild experience can be instilled directly here.

Even though you would definitely feel that it's a 6 hours long show, you just cannot stop simply because there were so many things to see, so many pictures to take, and so many awesome performances not to be missed on stage and off stage.  Our feet told us to go home, and our shoulders were calling it quits, or our faces have already turned lobster.  Still we pressed on as it's such a wonderful event, and the fun never stopped.

Overall, it's a very feel-good car show, that everybody had a great time.  We definitely look forward to the next ones!
During the show, we met so many great models and more happily, our cover and feature models!  From the top Angelina Andrada will grace our cover in a future print issue.  We are very excited about it! Our another cover model Jessica Weaver is always so gorgeous and glamorous who works so hard.  Our hats off to her!  Than N has recently just made our days by appearing in our print feature, on top of her already cover feature in our print magazine as well!

Our future cover model Elizabeth Valesquez always looks so amazing!  Her lush hair style matches perfectly her bright personality.  She is definitely a total package!  Our feature model, Cecilia Juarez, looks awesome in front of her own poster!
You may ask, "how about the cars??"  No worries, we got them covered as well.  We will be publishing the cars in our car section.  Definitely check them out once available!


 2Crave Models

2Crave always has top models at their booth.  It's as if that they don't just settle be the best wheel-of-freebies vendors in many shows, they want to do the best of the best with these top models as well!

With Ana Cheri, you can always count on a long line to have a personal experience with this mega model.  We were chatting with one of the attendees who just got his Ana poster signed.  He was asking Ana's name.  We showed him Ana's Instagram profile, with 734K followers, and he said "there is one more now!"  Ana's star power is everywhere!
Jessica Weaver our cover model is always so friendly to everybody!  With her gorgeous look and the great physique that she possesses, she could easily go diva in this industry.  But no, Jessica remains true to herself, honest with friends, and genuine with her fans.  It's like the good Karma has taken a great root in her, and she is blossoming with love and peace.  We simply could not have more better words to give to this inside and outside beauty!

Long lines at the 2Crave booth is a common scene, showing how popular they are!

 Savini Wheels Models

If Savini shows up at a show, it's always about the pristine model presence together with marvelous products.  The Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo brought Constance Nunes, Amy Faye, and Candice and made a huge draw to the big space that Savini had.

Constance has that fashion model charisma that breathed in a new and different air to the car show modeling scene.  We say Awesome!!  We totally support this trend!!

Amy is a super creative model.  You would never know what she would bring to you in front of your camera.  However, one thing for sure is that  your camera will leave there with loads of great pictures of her!  Candice is kind of new to us.  Okay, she is completely new to us.  She has that zest in a great model and we do foresee a great future of her!

Del Records / Nokturnal Models

Diana Vargas, Kimmy Ruelas, and Tania Ontiveros and other models ruled the Del Records / Nokturnal booth.  Diana Vargas told us that she is actually a fashion model too, which delighted us to the n-th degree!  We simply think that fashion model can bring in a different set of skills and arts into the industry.  Maybe a revolution is under way... Hurray!  Kimmy Ruelas has that soft look that is so personable and friendly!  Tania turned out to be a TV host as well!  Talking about great talents!!

 Custom 411 Magazine Models

Thao N and Ling, they both looked amazing at the Custom 411 magazine booth.  They were such a cool duo that you never get a yawn when you were around them.  The way they took selfies is out of this world as well.  All we can say is fun, fun, fun!!!

Bail Hotline Models

McKensie, Jessica Molina were at the Bail Hotline booth, looking stunning!  Who knew a simple white T and a black booty shorts can be so awesome!!  They totally rocked the outfit with their awesome talents!  We thank Gary Phung for introducing the beauties to us.    We totally look forward to seeing them again in the future!

JDM Sport Models

Jasmyn Skye and Models at the JDM Sport booth, were a great attraction to the booth!  They were also so awesome to save our lives by offering us water.  You know that in the 120F heat, hydration is as important as walking straight line when you get pulled over.  Their gracious gift is deeply felt and highly appreciated!!  Thank you JDM Sport!

4 Wheel Parts Models

Our cover model Elizabeth Valesquez, together with Nicole Leigh, and Nelly Chavez, were at the largest off road trucks or jeeps parts store chain, 4 Wheel Parts.  Their combined star powers, together with the booth staff, drew an impressive crowd on the hour and off peak hours.  We were sure that their lead generation system was overheated if it was done mechanically.  Great job guys!

Smoke Buddy Models

Though our cover model Angelina Andrada, and model Nikki Trinidad  under the shades they still could feel the relentless heat.  Nonetheless, they appeared as fresh as just stepped out of the house.  That's what we call awesome modeling!!  It's always great to see Anglina!  She is such a great darling to us and to everyone!  Every time we worked together, it's always a great and fun work, with tons of amazing results.  A+++!!!

Moezart Booth Models

Chantel Zales, Cecilia Juarez at the Moezart booth looked so enticing!! Simply wow!!

SS Motorsports Models

These two great models arrived really early and started working even before the general public came in!  Now that's what we called professional!

  lrgrims Model

Olivia Paladin, a wonderful and amazing model was doing great at the LRG rims booth.  Her sunny blond hair is a perfect match to her friendly personality.  Every time we saw her she's always so fun and creative, and out of the box cool!  Here, we've passed her booth several times.  We always got a nod, a picture, or a full blown mini shoot with her.  Olivia is awesome!!

 Rucci Wheels Models

We haven't seen the talented Sophia Lin,  After the modeling life, Sophia has turned to the DJ performance side, and is highly successful!!  It's great to see her in LA/OC area again!!

Avant Garde Wheels Models

 Jassyca Rayanne, and models, in their elegant LBDs, just look sooo cool!  It's great to have the three graces posing for you at the same time, except that they probably raised the global temperature by several degrees too!  Caliente!!

More Car Models from Many Vendors

There were so many models that we could not possibly to enumerate them all here with full details.  This we have to leave for future coverage with the info that we have.  Definitely check back later, everyday, or at least a couple of days minimally!

Concept One Wheels model 

 Stance model

Status Models

 Concrete Addicts models

 Kurupts Moon Rock models

We know this is Klarisa Munoz! She is very talented!  A great promotional model we can tell!

  Freeway Insurance model

 Metro PCS models

 Xplizit models

It's great to see the red hair awesome model Ana Sanchez again!  She has that natural born talents of making amazing photos with cars and bikes!!  Totally awesome!!

  Raceline Wheels model, 

Ella is another amazingly talented model at the DUB show!!

 4ARE.COM model

Random Attendees!

Even the guests of the show attendees or performers looking awesome!!

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