Fabulous Fun and Friendly Breezy at 2014 #Spocom Anaheim Extreme Autowerks

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Continuing the Extreme Autowerks booth model presence coverage, we have Breezy here, who is an incredible promotional model at the 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim.  Breezy is a totally fabulous, fun and friendly model. She constantly got asked to pose for show comers' cameras, and she always made sure that the company logo is prominently displayed at all photo ops.  Whenever we approached her, she always  had an 8am fresh and breezy uplifting aura around her.  It's like she is a sunny and happy child 24 x 7.  This makes her a truly phenomenal promotional model!   We definitely look forward to seeing her a lot more in the future!!

This year, Extreme Autowerks got a great presence at the Spocom show, with their booth in the center of the convention center hall, and the impeccable line up of their promotional models!!
Breezy did a great impersonation of imprisonment mug shot act.  She is that creative and that humorous!!

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