Even More Great Models at 2014 #Spocom

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Actually we don't have to say much here.  These amazing talents practically speak for themselves in these awesome photos of them.  Noemii J, Mimi Le, Nelly Chavez, Nicole Leigh, Jenny Lam!

Jenny Lam and Nicole Leigh 

They were a happy and popular duo at the Spocom Super Show Anaheim.  At the model lounge, the two garnered a big crowd around them, at the already crowded corner of the lounge.  Judging from how happy they looked, it's a happy time ensured for them!

Mimi Le 

Mimi is such a beautiful and graceful model.  Her long, rich and luscious hair is a prime look that captured a lot of people's attention.  Her speaking eyes accentuated by her beautiful hair can totally keep you in a conversation without even words uttered.

Nelly Chavez

Nelly is a hard working and amazing model.  We've seen her in many shows and events, as well as features.  She always has that vibrant and uplifting spirit in her and her radiant beauty is simply irresistible.  We had a chance to catch up with her, and learned more about this gorgeous model.  Hopefully we will have a feature of her in the future too!

Nicole Leigh

Nicole is an awesome model!  Her bright personality is a perfect match to her wonderful smiles.  Nicole is a very popular model especially in the car show industry.  Nicole has her own web store in Big Cartel. Definitely check it out!

Noemii J

Noemii J has that unspoken tranquility in her beautiful model presence. Every time we meet her, she is always cordial and warm.  In the heart pounding music ambiance of car shows, Noemii always has that peaceful and welcoming dome around her to invite you in.  It's simply refreshing and wonderful!

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