The Awesome Nitto Models at Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2014 Anaheim @nataliekpaladin @thesandrawong

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - A Great car show event hosted by a great tire company, must have great promotional models for their great presence.  Looking at the line up of the models inside the Nitto booth, we sure were very excited to see many stars in there.  Starting off their umbrella girls, Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, as well as our super awesome cover model Sandra Wong, plus Lynthy and more.  This is one pit space that has nonstop flow of people, vying for a glimpse of the models, free posters, cool swags, as well as witnessing the powerful drift cars, and getting the trophy winning driver's autographs.

Nitto Tires's 2nd Annual Auto Enthusiast Day is a great success with lots of cars and vendors and models and activities.  It has something for everyone to enjoy during a muggy Saturday afternoon.  The highly selected promotional models reflected the top quality of the work that Nitto produces.  Coupling with the experience that we have witnessed in SEMA every year, where their models stood out the sea of promotional models, with an evening gown style wardrobe, we are very much convinced that they have high aesthetic and awesome styles!!  We love it!

Gina Darling and Natalie Paladin were the umbrella car models that got a lot of attention at the Nitto pit booth.  The off shoulder sling top with the colorful patterned design, and cleverly constructed miniskirt, it's a complete package that could rival the top designs from Hankook's.

Sandra Wong is definitely the top model at the Nitto and the show.  There are so many reason for that, and we mentioned a few in our higlight article (int link.)  Sandra is such an amazing model and a great friend, that we feel forever fortunate to have her in the magazine's family.  If you haven't met Sandra, definitely go to the many car shows that she is in, and meet her in person.  You will be impressed by the friendliness, and warmth that Sandra give to you, and how much you would love to see her again soon!


We were surprised and happy to see Lynthy and her friend too at the Nitto booth.  they were obviously very busy giving away Nitto's swags and posing for cameras.

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