Big Conclusion of 2014 Auto Enthusiast Day by Nitto Tires - @candydonya @ericanagashima @tymichelleofficial

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - As the conclusion of the 2014 Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day in Anaheim Angel Stadium parking lot, there are so many models that we haven't covered yet!  And to our delight, we discovered quite a few more awesome models along the coverage.  It's definitely a great show to attend, for the cars, for the models, for the freebies, and for the celebrity actions!

We are definitely looking forward to the next year's event again and hopefully the weather would be as southern California postcard like for a change.  In conclusion, we say this again that Nitto has done a tremendously great job in putting this event together, and gathered so many awesome activities and people for the enthusiasts and fans to have an all around great day!

Candy Donya is a totally beautiful and bright new model that we haven't met before.  She has that great model's killer look and great promotional personality.  We sure hope to see a lot more of her in future events!

Erica Nagashima was super busy giving away Monster Energy Drinks.  Their booth was one of the busiest ones at the show.  Of course the freebies are cool, but with great talent like Erica, they have the double energy boosting effects on the attendees.

Jennifer Angel Ancheta (left) and Tyler Michelle were the MOTUL umbrella girls. They made the white striped red Mustang looked super hot!!

Melissa Ann came all the way from the other side of California for ATX Wheels to make them look super good!  Her bright smile would put you immediate at ease and feeling you are home, with the wheels!

We did not get the models' names on these two...

Anna Karolina is such a happy girl.  Some girls, even though their duty was promotional work, still were shy away from cameras.  But not Anna, she instantly jumped in front of our camera, and give us a super smile!  We were totally impressed with her awesome personality!  We definitely see a professional at work here!!

SP Power showed their prowess of promotional modeling here...

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