2014 Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Continues with Our Cover Models! @jessicakes33 @lillyevans__ @misslynaly

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2nd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day, our cover models and features are abundant at the show!  And of course we were super excited to see them again!!

Leading off the hard working cover models, Jessica Weaver was at the SP Engineering (www.sp-power.com) booth.  This booth is filled with the most models at the show, and our Jessica is definitely the top model there!!  Therefore, we could not stop our camera shutters and kept on shooting!
Lilly Evans were really busy with all her fans, and we got a chance to take a quick shot of this wonderful and beautiful model!!
Lyna Ly Sparks, our gorgeous cover model, and one of the most hard working models in the industry.  She's at the MOTIV Luxury Wheels booth, looking super awesome and amazing!!

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