Two More Models at 2014 #Nurotag LA Edition

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - This concludes the coverage of 2014 Nurotag LA Edition in Pomona Fairplex.  Even though it's a short series of the coverage here due to the low presence rate of the models, nonetheless, the car section of the coverage is still very encouraging!  Don't miss that coverage article!

Tina D (top) is an active and vibrant model that has the passion in modeling and went on extra miles to help us get cool photos.  She is actively involved in the import car industry and we might have seen her before in other car shows too.  We definitely love to see her again in future events!

The SS Motorsports girl (that's the only thing that we could get from the booth) gave us a few seconds for a photo op.  This puts the conclusion to the ending period here.  Overall, it's a very interesting show, with a bit rocky start.  However, we totally see a great potential for the franchise, and look forward to seeing them back in LA again, with bigger presence, higher marketing activities, and more models!!  That would be a great car show for sure!

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