Blast From the Past: 2013 #Spocom, So Many Awesome Models at the Super Show!

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2013 Spocom Super Show, it was a model riveted mega show that we pretty much could declare that they have had the most models in the all so-cal car events, maybe the entire California too!  We were truly impressed, even though we already knew that the Spocom Super Show has that "Super" moniker for a long time!

Here we caught more glimpses of the wonderful models of Lilly Evans, Lux, Lyna Ly, Natlie Bee, and Stephanie Kay, and Arley Elizabeth!  As you can tell, each one of the them has her own style, and very successful in what they are doing.  

This makes us yearn even more for the upcoming 2014 show in just a couple of days!

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