Blast From the Past: 2013 #Spocom Models @msbrittanipaige @noellelyn_

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The 2014 Spocom Super Show is just a few days.  To celebrate this annual awesome event, we brought back some of the unpublished photo coverage of last year's Spocom Super Show.  If last year is this good, this year is going to be even better we are sure!  We have many great models in the coverage that we haven't shown here ever, so we are very excited about it!

In this first installment, we have Brittani Paige, Victorial Barajas, as well as Noelle Lyn and Shauvon Pham.  Definitely take a look in the full article to see all these gorgeous and glorious models from the last year's super show!

First off, is the ever more popular and internationally bound model, Brittani Paige.  Brittani has been skyrocketing in the modeling scene since her first appearance a couple of years ago.  Now she is a highly sought after import model that many show organizers, vendors, companies, and event teams would love to have to boost their publicity.  This phenomenon is totally attributed to Brittani's beautiful looks, ultra fun personality, personable friendliness, and her genius creativity with any cameras pointing at her.  That's what makes a great model awesome!

We don't see Victoria Barajas too much.  Actually we've only seen her once here at the Spocom show.  She is representing the HIN show team.  That's one beauty of the super show like Spocom, which attracts the industry's top talents to the same place to meet their gigantic fan bases.  Victoria is currently residing in the Bay area, and she has that soft and gentle looks that proved to be even more powerful in this sometimes over-loudness and noise-for-attention world.

Noelle Lyn demonstrates her own skateboard design with her personal signature on the board.  How cool is that?  We don't see this type of merchandise too much, so it comes as a highly novelty item that can a great gift to any asphalt surfer.

We caught a few glimpses of Shauvon Pham at the super show.  Her white tank top and black shorts definitely accentuate this beautiful model with her silky hair and fine features.  It's a combination of casual and personable.

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