Stunning Top Promotional Models at @2Crave Booth in 2014 #ExtremeAutofest @jessicakes33 @elizabeth_Velasquez @vanessathomp

  Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - When we went to the 2Crave booth at 2014 Extreme Autofest, we received nothing but huge welcome and warm love by their gorgeous models, Jessica Weaver (our cover model), Elizabeth Velasquez (our feature model) and Vanessa Thompson!!  They looked sooo awesome in their 2Crave black mini dresses, classy, sexy, and super glam!  Even though the temperature was high, and the air was hot, but these stunning models were even more caliente!!

Here as usual, you can click on each photo to enjoy the high resolution photos. Especially if you view them on an iPad or other tablet devices, the photos in full screen would look like they are right in front of you, crispy and sharp and vivid!

 2Crave models are not just limited to their gorgeous promotional modeling side.  Their wheel models are equally sexy and cool!  At the booth, we spotted the Xtreme line as well as Mach M line, their rugged and performance lines of wheels of perfection.

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