Our Cover Models at 2014 #EAF Anaheim @_gabby_jeanne_xo @jessicakes33

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - We are so happy that several of our cover models were at the 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim.  It's always great to see them again and catch up to see what's happening lately.  

Gabby Jeanne has come back to the modeling scene after a year plus hiatus from the car show world. She is looking even more gorgeous, if possible at all, and more determined.  It's like the version 2 of Gabby!  Version 1 of Gabby has already taken the import modeling scene by storm.  She was on the cover of top industry magazines, and appeared in the majority of car events and shows.  Her name was synonymous to car show super model.  Now with more conviction of doing better, stronger, and smarter, Gabby is elevating her game into a higher state of modeling, to include business development and entrepreneurship too!  With such an amazing talent, plus extended network and resources, as well as razor sharp focus, we see an industry's top brand skyrocketing to the the super stardom in no time!!  Totally awesome!!


Jessica Weaver, also has some form of transformation in her career.  Now Jessica is giving her modeling career her full time attention.  That's super awesome!  She has always been a greatly sought after model.  Jessica now can take on more projects and administer them more efficiently.  This is music to our ears!  We always appreciate the high professional models!  We see nothing but a great future for Jessica!
(Photos are re-post of the 2Crave article)

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