Cool Highlights of 2014 #Wekfest LA at Long Beach - Awesome Models

 Long Beach, CA, by Py - Wefkfest events are reknown for their loyal fans and their die-hard car enthusiast community.  This is no exception in this year's Wekfest LA event at the soft and relaxing grassy field of Queen Mary Event Park in Long Beach, CA.  There were so many people showed up that the parking lot was filled in no time, and people had to find alternative parking nearby in order to get in.  And the line was so long that it felt like the time the first iPhone was released.  When we checked at mid-time-point, there was still a long long line waiting to get in, while tons of people were inside the venue already.  On top of that, even though there were breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the relentless sun easily made a strong impression on many people in the line, or more precisely a strong sunburn to take home with later on...

Inside Wekfest LA, you would find rows of highly crafted cars with all types of mods and styles.  People spent years building their cars, continuously changing their parts, and updating their looks.  If you looked under the hoods, many exotic components in meticulously cleaned condition definitely exhibited the owner's passionate dedication, money invested/burned, and day-in / day-out / all-weekenders time spent on their true loves.  We especially paid attention to some of really remarkable cars that caught our eyes.  We will have separate reports of these amazing cars in our Cars + Msports section soon.

Promotional modeling was not the strongest suite in Wekfest in the past.  However, this year, it's all changed.
"Legacy" by Prestige Marketing and it's Jdm Yo! is a new brand that the two companies have created.  The combined promotional modeling powers are immense, and it showed at the model lounge at the Wekfest this year.  For example, they brought in super cool and highly talented fashion model Constance Nunes (above) who always has perfect pose to any cameras pointed at her.  She is that good!  We have been always impressed by her modeling talents and this time it's no exception this time either!

Amy Fay is always soooo amazing to shoot with; it's no wonder that she is one of the top models and most popular models in the industry.  She not only ensures that all cameras are well cared of with her attention, she steps further up and infuses her genius creativity to her modeling persona.  It's simply "wow!!"

We just saw Noemii J at the Bimmerfest a couple of weeks ago, and were happy to see her again at the Wekfest this time too!  She is such a great model that any casual pose of hers would make a super cool photo!

  Elizabeth Tran is such a creative model!  She has many fun moments for cameras, not shy about showing her playful side.  That is not easy for many models, and we totally commend her on her awesomeness!
 Christy Truong is one of the hardest working models there. She was the first model at the Legacy brand's model lounge.  Even before the gate was open to the public, she was already posing for us, and got us off a great start!

 Xena Kai and Sally Miakior showed up at the peak hours of the Wekfest show, and the crowd just could not wait to get a glimpse of the double beauties.
Regina Mei had a sweet smile, accompanied by her red hot bikini top at the show.  The combinational effect could result in heart racing or blood pressure rising!

All the above gorgeous models were from Legacy by Prestige Marketing / It's jdm yo! teams.  The sheer quality and quantity of the great models was just staggering.  We highly applaud the teams' great efforts and keeping the media informed.  Bravo! Bravo!!

Ellisa Alva from the Bay Area always has that San Francisco chic temperament in her, making her a very unique model at the show.
We were excited to see Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx for Limitless Society at the Wekfest.  They are synonymous to the Limitless Society modeling.  Their cool blue tops matched the great brand of Toyo Tires, by the blue Pacific Ocean, with a big blue sky up there, making it a perfect occasion of a photo op!

 Julie Mai is looking hotter and hotter!  Each time we see her, she's just looking more amazing!  Her black bikini top with the waterway in the back, it signals the start of a great summer!
Nelly Chavez is an awesome model!  Her moves, her smiles, her poses, and her go-go dancing talents, are all the great components of making her an amazing model!

Even though the number of models at the Wekfest was not super high, the quality and the number of great photos is definitely at the top tier level.  We had a great time at the Wekfest with the cars, their owners, models, and various vendors.  It's a great leisure casual Saturday afternoon and it's very well spent.  We definitely look forward to coming back again next year! 

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